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  • Liquid Alchemy, Simplified:

    Unleash unmatched potency without the hassle of manufacturing the liquids yourself. Simply repackage our Robin Red Liquids and offer the secret blend of liquified Robin Red ingredients, guaranteeing your customers exceptional performance that sets your baits apart. 

  • Irresistible Attraction:

    In tests throughout Europe, our liquids have created a feeding frenzy that fish can't resist. Our bait testers reported back that Robin Red Liquids 'bring an irresistible allure that triggers a strong and immediate response, ensuring a memorable fishing experience.'  

  • Read: Testing Liquid Robin Red

    As you can see from the photo Robin Red Liquid quickly penetrates the outer skin of a boiled bait and by air drying the glugged baits for 24 hours or so, the treated baits will be touch dry. The untreated baits are on the right in this photo - read the report here.