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Peanut Granules

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Peanut Granules, the ultimate carp attractant for your fishing bait products. Sourced from carefully screened peanuts and super-cleaned to perfection, these mini particles guarantee an abundance of carp queuing up for a bite. The granules' high-fat, high-energy composition, extracted from the heart of the peanut, irresistibly draws in carp and keeps them preoccupied with aggressive feeding. With a little going a long way, you'll enjoy cost-effective benefits while offering superior quality and nutrition to your customers. Expand your fishing bait lineup with Peanut Granules.

  • Irresistible Carp Attraction

    Our Peanut Granules serve as a powerful carp attractant, making them a valuable addition to your fishing bait lineup. These mini particles have demonstrated an almost guaranteed ability to draw carp in abundance to fishing swims. The high attraction factor creates a sense of preoccupation among the fish, stimulating aggressive feeding behaviour, which can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your fishing bait products.

  • Premium Quality and Nutritional Value

    Sourced from carefully screened peanuts and subjected to meticulous super-cleaning processes, our Peanut Granules offer unparalleled purity and 100% goodness. Extracted from the heart of the peanut, they provide a nutrient-rich, high-fat, high-energy food source that carp find irresistible. By incorporating such premium quality granules in your fishing bait formulations, you can assure your customers of delivering bait products that align with the nutritional needs of carp, promoting healthier fish and boosting angling success.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    Despite their modest size, Peanut Granules pack a punch in terms of effectiveness. A little quantity goes a long way in attracting and retaining carp in fishing swims. As an approved bait manufacturer, this translates to cost efficiency for your business and, in turn, for your customers. By offering a product that delivers superior results in smaller quantities, you can position your brand as a provider of cost-effective and value-driven fishing bait solutions.