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Liquid Robin Red (C) - With Chilli

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Introducing the Latest Innovation: Liquid Robin Red® with Chilli - Unleash the Ultimate Fishing Secret!

At Haith's,  we take pride in delivering cutting-edge fishing solutions, and our new Liquid Robin Red® with Chilli is no exception. This revolutionary flavour has been meticulously crafted to perfectly complement and strengthen our existing range of fishing baits, taking your angling adventures to a whole new level.

Liquid Robin Red with Chilli has undergone rigorous testing by numerous field experts, both in the UK and overseas. The results have been astounding, surpassing all expectations and gaining rave reviews from our esteemed field testers.

Upgrade your bait arsenal today and let the competition wonder how you consistently outsmart the fish. Trust Haith's to bring you the finest in fishing innovation, and remember - when it comes to fishing success, we've got you covered!

Liquid Robin Red® with Chilli is a Haith's Registered Trademark.  

  • Irresistible Attraction

    Liquid Robin Red with Chilli combines the potent appeal of genuine Robin Red® with the enticing kick of Chilli, creating an irresistible attraction that fish simply can't resist. This powerful combination triggers their senses and keeps them guessing, increasing their chances of a successful catch.

  • Versatility Unleashed

    This liquid bait enhancer offers unparalleled versatility. From glugging boiled baits, shelf-life boilies, and pop-ups to adding it to particles, seed blends, floaters, or hook baits, the possibilities are endless. It can be used in various fishing methods, including stick mixes, PVA bags, Method Mix, Carpet Feed, and Bag Mix, catering to every angler's unique style.

  • Field-Tested Excellence

    Liquid Robin Red with Chilli has undergone extensive field testing by numerous experts in the UK and overseas. Its performance has surpassed expectations, earning rave reviews from field testers. When using this liquid, you can trust that you are employing a product that has been thoroughly proven and endorsed by experienced anglers.