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Haith's & Robin Red Trade

Premium Peanuts

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Premium peanuts are of higher quality and often have a fresher and more enticing aroma. This strong scent can attract a wide range of fish species, making them more likely to investigate and bite the bait.

They are a rich source of essential nutrients, fats, and proteins, making them a highly nutritious choice for fish.

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  • Quality

    Premium peanuts are chosen for their superior quality. This ensures that the peanuts used as bait are fresh, intact, and free from defects. High-quality peanuts are less likely to be damaged during handling and transportation, making them more attractive to fish as bait.

  • Colour & Variety

    The colour and variety of peanuts can impact their attractiveness to fish. Premium peanuts are carefully selected to have the most appealing colour and variety that can entice a wide range of fish species.

  • Peace of Mind

    By using premium peanuts, as a bait manufacturer it ensures that the peanuts are safe and won't have any adverse effects on the fish or the water ecosystem. This is essential to maintain a sustainable fishing environment.