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Haith's & Robin Red Trade


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Analytical Constituents & Commodity Code

Analytical constituents:
Oil A: 11.44%,
Crude Protein: 17.8%,
Crude Fibre: 4.2%,
Moisture: 9%,
Ash: 5.4%,
Total Oil: 12.07%,
Starch: 31.4%

Commodity Code: 2309905190

Haith's Retail Price: £84.99 p/20kg

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Volume Breaks: Price per 20kg bag (Exc. VAT):
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The unique and natural "3 in 1" bait ingredient with genuine Robin Red®.

Attention Bait Manufacturers! Introducing NaturalRed "3 in 1" – the breakthrough bait blend that's set to revolutionise your product lineup. Crafted with genuine Robin Red, this versatile offering caters to diverse fishing needs. NaturalRed serves as a premium ground bait, paste bait, and an all-in-one boilie base mix when finely powdered. Enriched with hemp seed, honey, maize oil, and our exclusive High Protein Crumb, it ensures unparalleled attraction and performance. Witness the allure of the new Robin Red (UK/EU) natural, featuring a captivating 'rust brown' hue, elevating the appeal of your baits to new heights. Embrace NaturalRed and stay ahead in the competitive market of bait manufacturing.

NaturalRed™ is a Haith's Trademark.  

  • Versatility

    NaturalRed is a "3 in 1" bait ingredient that contains genuine Robin Red. It can be used as a ground bait, paste bait, or a complete Make Your Own Boilie base mix, offering flexibility for different fishing techniques.

  • Natural Attraction

    The blend of NaturalRed includes hemp seed, honey, maize oil, and genuine Robin Red, providing a natural mix that attracts fish with its enticing aroma and flavours.

  • Improved Coloration

    The new Robin Red (UK/EU) natural in NaturalRed results in a more natural-looking 'rust brown' colour, maintaining its attractiveness while being visually appealing to the fish.