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Haith's & Robin Red Trade

Red Band

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Analytics Constituents & Commodity Code

Analytical constituents:

Oil A: 9.29%,
Crude Protein: 12.4%,
Crude Fibre: 4.9%,
Moisture: 11.2%,
Ash: 3.6%,
Total Oil: 10.04%,
Starch: 54.9%

Commodity Codes:


Haith's Retail Price: £37.59 p/20kg

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Red Band Pigeon Conditioner, a renowned carp fishing bait, holds a strong reputation among anglers across Europe. This highly effective blend of larger seeds flavoured with aniseed oil attracts carp, tench, and large coarse fish. Its versatility allows seamless integration into bird food base mixes, creating a nutritionally balanced, medium protein/high energy seed mix enriched with high-attract mini pellets and aniseed. Offer this acclaimed bait to your angler clients, strengthening your brand reputation and fostering valuable partnerships with retailers and distributors.

Red Band® is a Haith's Registered Trademark.  

  • Proven Success for Carp Angling Businesses

    Red Band's impressive track record of success on prestigious fishing venues in Europe makes it a valuable asset for carp angling businesses. Its effectiveness in attracting carp, tench, and other large coarse fish can enhance the reputation and credibility of bait manufacturers and suppliers among their angler customers.

  • Highly Attractive Blend for Angler Satisfaction

    The aniseed-flavoured seed mix in Red Band is designed to be highly attractive to carp and other target species. By offering this enticing bait blend to anglers, bait manufacturers and suppliers can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

  • Red Band's versatility

    Red Band's versatility allows easy integration into bird food base mixes it is tailored to meet angler preferences setting them apart in a competitive market and fostering long-term partnerships.