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Fine Oystershell Grit

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This ingredient can be used in boiled baits to add texture and a degree of crunch to the mix.

It also adds to the density of a bait, which can help when you need to put your free offerings out a long way, either with a catapult or a throwing stick. It has a limited nutritional value other than as a source of minerals, but it is useful if you wish to make your bait that little bit different to the rest.

  • Textural Appeal and Crunch

    Fine Oystershell Grit serves as an excellent addition to boiled baits, providing them with a unique texture and a satisfying crunch. The textural appeal can make a bait stand out from traditional offerings, enticing fish to investigate further. The combination of soft bait with the added crunch of the Oystershell Grit can be highly appealing to various fish species, increasing the likelihood of a successful catch.

  • Increased Bait Density

    One of the primary benefits of using Fine Oystershell Grit is its ability to increase the density of your bait. This added density is particularly beneficial when you need to cast your free offerings over long distances using a catapult or a throwing stick.

  • Unique Bait Composition

    While Fine Oystershell Grit may have limited nutritional value beyond being a source of minerals, it can play a crucial role in making your bait distinct from others. When you aim to differentiate your bait from the competition, incorporating this ingredient can be a game-changer. Its presence in the bait mix can trigger curiosity among fish, potentially leading to increased interest and more bites.