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Haith's & Robin Red Trade


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Analytical Constituents & commodity code

Analytical constituents:
Oil A: 3.02%,
Crude Protein: 12.5%,
Crude Fibre: 1.2%,
Moisture: 6.8%,
Ash: 2.3%,
Total Oil: 4.20%,
Starch: 61.1%

Commodity Code: 2309905190

Haith's Retail Price: £89.28 p/20kg

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 Volume Breaks: Price per 20kg bag (Exc. VAT):
1 - 10 bags £59.00
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One of our classic fishing bait ingredients; a fabulous nutritional binding agent for method mixes, ground baits and - of course - boilies.

Nectarblend requires no introduction - it's the ultimate nutritional binding agent for method mixes and ground baits and is ever-popular with bait manufacturers. Crafted from high-fat bird feeds, this classic fishing bait ingredient allures and nourishes carp, making it a prized asset among 'specimen hunters.' Alongside Red Factor, Egg Biscuit, and CLO, it forms our esteemed Trinity of high-fat ingredients, trusted by carp anglers and fellow bait makers. 

Nectarblend™ is a Haith's Trademark.  

  • Premium Nutritional Binding Agent

    Nectarblend excels as a top-tier nutritional binding agent, making it an indispensable ingredient for bait manufacturers in crafting high-quality method mixes, ground baits, and Make Your Own Boilies. Its high-fat content ensures excellent binding properties, resulting in cohesive and attractive bait formulations.

  • Irresistible Attraction and Nutrition

    Nectarblend, along with other high-fat bird feeds like Red Factor, Egg Biscuit, and CLO, is purposefully designed to offer both exceptional attraction and essential nutrition for carp. Bait manufacturers can rely on its alluring qualities and nutritious composition to create bait products that effectively entice and nourish the target species.

  • Versatility for Bait Formulations

    Nectarblend's versatility extends across various fishing methods, allowing bait manufacturers to incorporate it seamlessly into method mixes, ground baits, and boilies. Its adaptability empowers manufacturers to cater to different fishing preferences and requirements, ensuring a wide market appeal.