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Haith's & Robin Red Trade


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Analytical constituents & Commodity Code

Analytical constituents:
Oil A: 19.77%,
Crude Protein: 17.4%,
Crude Fibre: 11.3%,
Moisture: 8.3%,
Ash: 3.8%,
Total Oil: 20.75%,
Starch: 31.4%

Commodity Code; 2309905190

Haith's Retail Price: £84.99 p/20kg

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Volume Breaks: Price per 20kg bag (Exc. VAT):
1 - 10 bags £56.00
11 + £55.00

Unique and rich in aniseed oil this "3 in 1" is a very subtle mix and it includes the incredible Robin Red. It also contains crushed Hemp Seed, crushed Carpticle, Peanut Granules, crushed Tiger Nuts and our special soft food Red Factor, blended with aniseed oil.

SuperRed was developed by particle expert Ken Townley in the UK to be used as a ground bait, paste bait or (when ground down to a fine powder) as a complete Make Your Own Boilie base mix. 

There is no limit to the number of uses to which SuperRed and its close relatives, NaturalRed, MarineRed and HoneyRed can be put. They were specifically formulated with this versatility in mind, hence the tag "Three-in-One".

 SuperRed™ is a Haith's Trademark.

Read how anglers use SuperRed
  • Exceptional Attraction

    SuperRed's unique blend, featuring Robin Red, crushed Hemp Seed, Carpticle, Peanut Granules, Tiger Nuts, and aniseed oil, boasts unparalleled attraction properties for carp and tench.

  • Versatile Bait Option

    SuperRed's three-in-one versatility enables its use in various applications. Whether as a sticky paste, boilie additive, or complete boilie base mix, it accommodates diverse fishing styles and preferences, offering anglers a flexible and effective bait solution.

  • Enhanced Bait Profile

    SuperRed enhances the overall appeal of its bait offerings. The combination of potent ingredients, including Robin Red and aniseed oil, creates a compelling scent and flavour profile, making the bait irresistible to carp and tench.