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Liquid Robin Green

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Introducing the revolutionary Liquid Robin Green® with Spirulina and Garlic.  Designed to complement and enhance our range of fishing baits, this exceptional flavour has undergone extensive field testing, surpassing all expectations.

What sets Liquid Robin Green® with Spirulina and Garlic apart is the inclusion of genuine Robin Green® fresh from our production line. This ensures you get an authentic and reliable product that guarantees results. Not only that, but it is also PVA-friendly, making it ideal for use with stocking-meshed pellets, crumbs, or seeds. The versatility of this liquid is unmatched, as it can be effectively used in stick mixes, PVA bags, Method Mixes, Carpet Feeds, and Bag Mixes.

The applications of this liquid attractor are vast, offering endless possibilities to entice and deceive your elusive prey. You can use it as a glug on boiled baits, shelf-life boilies, pop-ups, particles, seed blends, cereals, and floaters, or simply pour a few mils over your hook baits for that extra edge. The compatibility with other pellet types further expands its potential.

Haith's Liquid Robin Green with Garlic has been rigorously tested both in the UK and overseas, resulting in a finished product that we are incredibly proud of. Our commitment to preserving the original values of Robin Green in its purest form allows anglers to experiment and adjust the signal of an ingredient, keeping carp (and your fishing buddies!) guessing.

Liquid Robin Green® is a Registered Haith's Trademark.  

  • Irresistible Attraction

    One of the primary reasons to use Liquid Robin Green® is its unmatched ability to attract fish. This liquid attractor contains genuine Robin Green® ingredients, which have been proven through extensive field testing to be highly effective in enticing fish to investigate and feed. The combination of Spirulina and Garlic adds extra appeal and potency to the attractor, making it even more enticing to a wide range of fish species, especially carp.

  • Versatility

    Liquid Robin Green® with Spirulina and Garlic is incredibly versatile, providing numerous application possibilities. Whether you are using boilies, pellets, particles, stick mixes, spod mixes, or PVA bags, this liquid can be added to enhance its attractiveness and effectiveness. Its PVA Friendly nature makes it ideal for use with stocking-meshed pellets, crumbs, or seeds, further expanding its versatility.

  • Field-Tested Success

    The liquid's performance has been extensively tested in the UK and overseas by numerous field testers, and it has consistently outperformed expectations. Anglers can have confidence in the product's effectiveness, knowing that it has been proven to produce results in real fishing situations. This field-tested success provides peace of mind and gives anglers the assurance that they are investing in a reliable and high-quality product.