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Black Rape Seed

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Black Rape Seed is a great fish addition to fishing bait formulations. Trusted and favoured by fishing experts, this "secret" ingredient has a proven track record of enticing various fish species to fishing spots for many years. Its exceptional versatility allows for customisation, as adding a touch of sweetener and a spicy flavour enhances its allure, making it irresistible to fish and perfect for bait firms. 

Increase your bait offerings with our SuperClean Black Rape Seed and watch as more fish are drawn to your customers' baits leading to greater fishing success and higher levels of customer satisfaction. Make Black Rape Seed an essential part of your bait arsenal and position your brand as a provider of top-quality particles and effective fishing bait solutions.

  • Proven Effectiveness by Fishing Experts

    Black Rape Seed is a highly regarded bait among fishing experts, renowned for its success in attracting fish. By incorporating this powerful ingredient into your fishing baits, you offer your customers access to a tried and tested solution that has earned the approval of seasoned anglers. The use of Black Rape Seed in various successful mixes further solidifies its reputation as a reliable and effective component for generating impressive fishing results.

  • Versatile Application in Bait Formulations

    Our Black Rape Seed is a versatile addition to fishing bait products. Whether used on its own or as part of a ground bait, method mix, or seed blend, it exhibits consistent appeal to carp. This versatility empowers your customers with the flexibility to create custom bait formulations that cater to specific fish preferences and various fishing scenarios, providing them with a competitive edge in the market.

  • Expert-Approved 'Secret' Ingredient

    As a 'secret' bait favoured by fishing experts, Black Rape Seed adds a touch of exclusivity and expertise to your bait offerings. By using this proven ingredient, your customers can differentiate their baits from competitors, signalling to anglers that they are using a tried-and-true component trusted by those in the know. This advantage can attract more customers and enhance their reputation as a provider of high-quality and effective fishing bait products.