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Liquid Robin Red (G) - With Garlic

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Introducing our latest creation:   Liquid Robin Red with Garlic!

This incredible flavour has undergone rigorous field testing, surpassing the expectations of numerous field testers. We're thrilled to present a product that stands out and delivers outstanding results.

At the heart of this powerful liquid attraction lies genuine Robin Red®, fresh from the production line. We've retained the original values of Robin Red in its purest and unadulterated form, giving anglers the freedom to experiment and customize their bait's signal to keep those clever carp (and your fishing buddies) guessing.

What makes Liquid Robin Red with Garlic even more impressive is its versatility. It's PVA-friendly, making it perfect for use with stocking-meshed pellets, crumbs, seeds, stick mixes, and PVA bags. You can also add it to a Method Mix, Carpet Feed, or Bag Mix to enhance its appeal.

This liquid is a game-changer for your bait arsenal. It's a fantastic glug that pairs exceptionally well with boiled baits, shelf-life boilies, pop-ups, particles, seed blends, cereals, floaters, and even your favourite hook baits. The possibilities are endless!

Rest assured that when you choose Haith's Liquid Robin Red with Garlic, you're getting the highest quality product. Our liquid is made with genuine Haith's ingredients, and we take pride in providing you with 100% peace of mind. Remember, when it comes to buying any Robin Red product, always shop with an "Approved Bait Firm" or directly with Haith's.

Liquid Robin Red® with Garlic is a Registered Haith's Trademark.  

  • Enhanced Attraction

    Liquid Robin Red with Garlic is a powerful liquid attractor that significantly enhances the appeal of the bait. The combination of genuine Robin Red® and the enticing scent of garlic creates an irresistible signal for fish, particularly carp. This enhanced attraction increases the chances of getting more bites and bringing more fish to your baited area.

  • Versatility

    The liquid's versatility makes it a valuable asset for bait manufacturers. It can be incorporated into various bait products, such as boilies, pellets, stick mixes, and spod mixes. Its PVA-friendly nature allows for easy use in stocking-meshed pellets, crumbs, seeds, and PVA bags. This adaptability enables bait manufacturers to cater to a wide range of angling situations and preferences, making their products more appealing to anglers with different fishing styles.

  • Proven Field-Tested Performance

    Liquid Robin Red with Garlic has undergone extensive field testing in both the UK and overseas, with numerous field testers providing positive feedback. Its performance has outperformed expectations, demonstrating its effectiveness in real fishing scenarios. For a bait manufacturer, having a product with a track record of success gives them confidence in the product's reliability, ensuring anglers that they are investing in a bait that has been thoroughly tested and proven to work.