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Robin Red (EU/UK) Natural

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Analytical constituents & Commodity Code

Oil A: 13.03%
Crude Protein: 11.1%
Crude Fibre: 13.1%
Dry Matter: 93.8%
Moisture: 6.2%
Ash: 5.5%
Total Oil: 13.56%
Starch: 3.2%

Composition: Capsicum, Red Beet Extract, Sucrose, Vegetable oil, Maltodextrin

Commodity Code: 2309903191

Haith's Retail Price: £189.99 p/20kg

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Introducing the NEW Robin Red® (UK/EU) - Embrace Nature's Attraction.

At Haith's, our commitment to excellence extends across our entire range. All ingredients intended for fish consumption in baits are now crafted with natural colouring foods, replacing synthetic dyes.

While the intense blood-red colour may be different, rest assured that the effectiveness of the NEW Robin Red® (UK/EU) remains on par with the original.

Discover the properties of our NEW Robin Red® (UK/EU):

  • Contains feed-permitted colourant, ideal for edible bait use
  • A consistent, vivid beetroot-red, oily spicy meal
  • Smooth, sweet, red pepper aroma & taste
  • Highly effective bird food type bait ingredient
  • Enhances bait texture and increases leakage potential
  • Rich in valuable vitamins and minerals, with an oil content of 13.56%
  • Dyes baits red/brown when used at higher levels
  • Suitable for year-round use in any base mix
  • Use up to 50% in your mix, with lower levels recommended in winter

The All-Natural Robin Red® (UK/EU) strikes the perfect balance between compliance and effectiveness, making it a valuable addition to your bait manufacturing arsenal.

Robin Red® is a Haith's registered Trademark, ensuring its authenticity and quality.

  • Compliance with Legislation

    The new version meets the Food Standards Agency's recently introduced regulations, which require the use of natural ingredients in animal feed, including recreational fishing bait/groundbait classified as 'Animal Feed' within the UK/EU.

  • Effective Performance

    Extensive field testing over two years has shown that the Robin Red with natural colouring is every bit as effective as the original version, offering excellent results in attracting fish.

  • Versatile Application

    Versatile Application: The new Robin Red can be used in various bait types, including boiled bait base mixes, ground bait, hook baits, and liquids. It meets UK/EU regulations for animal feed, making it suitable as a complementary feed for fish.

Unmatched Colour and Appeal with Natural Colouring Ingredients

The NEW Robin Red® (UK/EU) offers an unmatched natural allure with its vivid beetroot-red hue, derived entirely from natural colouring foods. This transition from synthetic dyes to natural sources not only maintains the iconic intense blood-red colour but also ensures that the baits are more appealing and safe for fish consumption. The consistent, vibrant colour enhances bait visibility underwater, making it more attractive to fish.

Boost Your Brand's Reputation with Proven Ingredients

Incorporating Robin Red into your products signals a commitment to excellence, leveraging its proven track record to boost your brand's reputation. This strategic choice not only elevates your product offerings but also aligns your brand with the top-tier standards expected by professional anglers and bait manufacturers.

Nutritional Benefits That Support Fish Health

Robin Red® is rich in valuable vitamins and minerals, boasting an oil content of 13.56%, which contributes to the overall health and vitality of fish. Incorporating Robin Red® into your baits means offering a product that not only attracts fish but also supports their well-being, providing a responsible choice for manufacturers and anglers alike.

Versatile Application Across Seasons and Bait Types

Robin Red® (UK/EU) is designed for year round effectiveness, suitable for any base mix. Its formulation allows for up to 50% inclusion in your mix, with adaptability for lower levels during winter, showcasing its versatility across various bait types and fishing conditions.

Red (EU/UK) Natural FAQs

How Can Robin Red Improve My Bait Products?

Incorporating Robin Red boosts bait appeal by improving palatability and visual attractiveness, leading to better catch rates. It's versatile, fitting into various bait types, and strengthens your brand's reputation for quality.

Is Robin Red Compatible with Various Bait Types?

Absolutely, Robin Red's flexibility makes it perfect for a range of bait products, from boilies to groundbaits, enabling innovative formulations and supporting your product development goals.