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Haith's & Robin Red Trade

Robin Gold

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Analytical Constituents & Commodity Code

Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein: 7.1%
Crude Fibre: 6.6%
Crude Ash: 3.9% - Oil A (Either extract): 6.43%
Total Oil (Oil B): 7.15%
Starch: 1.3%, Moisture: 8.0%

Commodity Code: 2309903191

Haith's Retail Price: £189.99 p/20kg

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Volume Breaks: Price per 20kg bag (Exc. VAT):
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21 - 49 bags £132.00
50 - 99 bags £128.00
100+ £125.00


We were asked by the trade to create a colour food with the attractive properties of Robin Red, but that won't create a red bait, especially when mixed with our yellow-coloured base mix ingredients such as Red Factor and Nectarblend

So, we created Robin Gold, which follows the same construction pattern as Robin Red. However, in this case, the natural colouring foods used create a yellow/golden hue in the bait, which not only adds natural colour but also adds significantly to the overall attraction given off by the bait.

Robin Red is arguably one of the most naturally attractive colour foods available, but not everyone wants boilies that end up red in colour. So, if you want all the attractions of Robin Red but don't want red baits, here's an alternative.

Photo shows Robin Gold barrel boilie, read more

Robin Gold® is a Haith's Registered Trademark

  • Attraction

    Robin Gold provides an alternative to the highly attractive Robin Red colour food while avoiding the red colouration. The yellow/golden colour enhances the overall bait attraction, making it appealing to target species.

  • Compliments base mix ingredients

    When mixed with yellow base mix ingredients like Red Factor or Nectarblend, Robin Gold harmoniously blends and supplements the natural colour of a base mix, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing appearance and natural spicy smell.

  • High natural attraction

    Like Robin Red, Robin Gold maintains the high level of natural attraction, making it one of the most attractive colour foods available for bait manufacturers seeking to entice fish without resorting to red-coloured baits.