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Haith's & Robin Red Trade

Red Factor

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Analytical Constituents & Commodity Code

Moisture: 4.75%,
Protein: 10.66%,
Oil B: 3.87%,
Ash: 2.25%,
Crude Fibre: 2.10%,
Sodium: 0.50%,
Starch: 61.3%

Commodity Code: 2309905190

Haith's Retail Price: £87.68 p/20kg

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 Volume Breaks: Price per 20kg bag (Exc. VAT):
1 - 10 bags £62.00
11 + £61.00

Contains our legendary Robin Red and is full of nutritional goodness

Red Factor contains pure egg biscuit and Ready Mix – our legendary Robin Red, so it is full of nutritional goodness and attraction qualities. 

Red Factor is another hugely popular product from our legendary range of egg-biscuit-based ingredients, which sits side by side with Nectarblend and CLO. Red Factor contains just enough of our legendary Robin Red and Robin Red Ready Mix, so it is full of nutritional goodness and highly attractive to carp, tench and barbel.

Like the others in the range, namely Nectarblend, CLO and Softbill Food, the egg component gives the bait a wide-ranging variety of applications. For instance, try dampening the bait with water or eggs to form a tough Boilie paste or boil round balls of Red Factor paste to create actual boilies. You can also include a favourite flavour, liquid food or another attractor to give your paste or boiled bait its own unique nutritional signal.

The image shows boilie with Red Factor as an ingredient. 

Red Factor™ is a Haith's Trademark.


  • Nutritional Goodness

    Presenting Red Factor, a powerful blend of egg biscuit and Robin Red, formulated to be a highly nutritious and irresistible bait for carp, tench, and barbel. As a trusted UK bait manufacturer, we offer this proven attraction to fellow bait manufacturers to help elevate their product range with potent, clean and fresh, and effective fishing bait.

  • Versatility

    Red Factor's egg-based formula offers exceptional versatility for bait manufacturers. Use it to create a tough Boilie paste by dampening it with water or eggs, or produce boilies tailored to different fishing scenarios. Expand your product range and cater to angler preferences with this adaptable bait solution, ensuring optimum results in their fishing pursuits.

  • Customisability

    Promote Red Factor's allure and adaptability to anglers. They can customize it with flavours, liquid food, or attractors, creating a unique nutritional signal for maximum attraction and fishing success in diverse conditions. Elevate your product lineup with this high-performance bait solution to satisfy discerning anglers and boost sales.