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Haith's & Robin Red Trade


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Analytical Constituents & Commodity Code

Analytical constituents:
Oil A: 4.95%,
Crude Protein: 42.8%,
Crude Fibre: 1.5%,
Moisture: 6.5%,
Ash: 14.3%,
Total Oil: 6.52%,
Starch 23.3%

Commodity Code: 2309904189

Haith's Retail Price: £84.99 p/20kg

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Volume Breaks: Price per 20kg bag (Exc. VAT):
1 - 10 bags £66.00
11 + £64.00

The unique fishmeal-based "3 in 1" bait ingredient with genuine Robin Red®

MarineRed "3 in 1" contains genuine Robin Red and was designed to be used as a ground bait, paste bait or (when ground down to a fine powder) as a complete boilie base mix. It has high oil and protein properties thanks to a large percentage of fishmeal in the recipe.  This can also be used as a method mix.  

MarineRed™ is a Haith's Trademark.  

  • Versatility

    MarineRed serves as a groundbait, paste bait, or boilie base mix, adapting to various fishing scenarios.

  • High Nutritional Value

    With abundant fishmeal, MarineRed boasts rich oil and protein content, alluring fish and encouraging feeding.

  • Inclusion

    MarineRed includes authentic Robin Red, a renowned bait additive, enhancing its attractiveness and effectiveness for a great catch.