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Haith's & Robin Red Trade


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Analytical Constituents & Commodity Code

Analytical Constituents;

Protein: 22.50
Fibre: 6.80
Ash: 5.00
Moisture: 9.00
Oil/Fat: 34.00

Commodity Code: 12040090

Haith's Retail Price: £52.00 p/20kg

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Linseed an ideal microparticle for enhancing your fishing bait formulations. Widely regarded as a firm favourite among particle anglers, this exceptional ingredient exudes an irresistible aroma that captivates carp, making it a top choice for attracting fish. Blend it harmoniously with other components like Black Rape Seed to optimize its effectiveness. Our Linseed's high oil content ensures seamless blending while offering unmatched versatility in creating custom bait formulations.

Develop your bait firm's offerings with this renowned fish attractant, promising anglers productive and rewarding fishing experiences. Position your brand as a trusted source of top-quality fishing bait solutions, and reel in success with Linseed as your secret weapon.

  • Exceptional Fish Attraction

    Linseed is renowned as one of the best microparticles for fishing, with a proven track record of attracting fish, especially carp. Its enticing aroma, released after cooking, captivates carp and makes it a firm favourite among particle anglers. By incorporating Linseed into their bait formulations, bait firm manufacturers can harness this powerful fish attraction to increase the effectiveness of their baits, resulting in more productive and rewarding fishing experiences for anglers.

  • Versatile Blending Capability

    While Linseed offers outstanding fish attraction, its high oil content suggests that using it solely may not be ideal. However, this presents a unique advantage for bait firm manufacturers as Linseed blends exceptionally well with other ingredients. For instance, when combined with Black Rape Seed, it forms a complementary blend that enhances the overall appeal of the bait, making it even more enticing to fish. This versatility allows manufacturers to create custom bait formulations tailored to specific fishing scenarios and target species, expanding their product range and appealing to a wider customer base.

  • Quality and Favourability

    Linseed's popularity among particle anglers speaks to its quality and effectiveness. By including Linseed in their bait offerings, bait firm manufacturers can position themselves as providers of high-quality and favoured fishing baits. This reputation can attract more customers, boost brand recognition, and establish trust and loyalty with anglers, driving business growth and success.