Testing Liquid Robin Red

Testing Liquid Robin Red

Robin Red Liquid has been field tested extensively.

We were offered several prototypes (for testing) of varying consistency, inclusion rate and fluidity and it was not easy agreeing on a final version we were happy with. However, after much testing the finished product is one we are very proud of. A liquid version of our flagship bait ingredient is something we have been looking at for some time but now we can truly say, this is the bee’s knees.

Liquid Robin Red
The versatility of Robin Red Liquid means that the options at your fingertips are almost limitless.

Perhaps the simplest and most obvious use of Robin Red Liquid is as an additive to the eggs when making boilies. It should be added along with any other attractors you feel will help, but to be honest Robin Red Liquid is so good you won’t need anything else!

Here Robin Red Liquid is added to eggs prior to adding the base mix.

Alternatively why not glug some high attract hookbaits in a pot of Robin Red Liquid. They will keep indefinitely and the enticing attraction of Robin Red will begin to leak off the bait from the moment it hits the lakebed.

A tub of pop-ups can be kept indefinitely in Robin Red Liquid.

As you can see from the photo Robin Red Liquid quickly penetrates the outer skin of a boiled bait and by air drying the glugged baits for 24 hours or so, the treated baits will be touch dry. The untreated baits are on the right in this photo


Glugged (left) and unglugged (right) free offerings.

Robin Red Liquid is ideal for glugging freebies. As you can see in this next photo it penetrates the outer skin very well but leaves the interior in its original form. Instant attraction! Lovely!

The centre of a glugged freebie.

If like me you like to use PVA mesh filled with pellets to draw attention to your hookbait you can use Robin Red Liquid to really give them a boost. Here standard trout pellets have been lightly coated in Robin Red Liquid. They are then bagged up into PVA mesh parcels, which are then coated with Robin Red Liquid. This is allowed to sink deeply into the pellets.

PVA mesh parcels treated with Robin Red Liquid.