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Dynamite's Special Bait Mix

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Special Bait Mix for Dynamite Baits.

  • Enhanced Versatility and Attractiveness

    Special Bait Mix is a meticulously crafted bird seed-based fishing ingredient, comprising a thoughtfully curated blend of white rusk, micronized ground soya, cut maize, yellow millet, hempseed, niger seed, black rape, and hempseed. This unique combination offers unparalleled versatility and irresistible attraction, catering to the diverse preferences of your customers. With its alluring scents and flavours, our bait mix is sure to captivate carp, providing your clientele with a superior fishing experience.

  • Year-Round Effectiveness

    Our Special Bait Mix has been expertly formulated to deliver consistent results regardless of the fishing season or water conditions. Its precisely balanced composition ensures optimum appeal across various temperatures, allowing your customers to rely on its efficacy all year round. By offering a reliable and effective fishing bait ingredient, you can position your brand as a dependable source of high-quality products.

  • Nutritionally Rich Formula

    We take pride in the premium nutritional value that Special Bait Mix offers to the fish. With key ingredients such as soya, hempseed, and other carefully selected seeds, our bait mix provides essential nutrients that fish naturally seek out in their diet. By promoting healthier fish and sustaining their interest, our product helps your customers achieve greater success in their angling pursuits. This nutrient-rich formula demonstrates your commitment to offering superior products that yield tangible benefits for your customers.