Robin Gold boilies.

Why Use Robin Gold?

In the ever-evolving world of bait manufacturing, standing out with a product that not only performs but also respects nature's palette is a bold move. We're thrilled to introduce you to Robin Gold – a revolutionary ingredient designed to colour your bait products with a touch of gold.

Why Robin Gold?

Robin Gold follows the esteemed footsteps of Robin Red, leveraging the same principles that made it a staple in bait manufacturing. However, Robin Gold breaks new ground with its natural yellow/golden hue, offering an alternative for those seeking the allure of Robin Red without the red colouration.

The Golden Advantage:

Vibrant Attraction: With its eye-catching yellow/golden colour, Robin Gold adds a visually appealing aspect to baits, making them irresistible to fish. The unique colouration stands out in various water conditions, ensuring your baits attract more attention.

Synergy with Base Mixes: Perfectly compatible with yellow base mix ingredients like Red Factor or Nectarblend, Robin Gold not only enhances the natural spicy aroma but also ensures a consistent, visually stunning finish to your baits.

Unmatched Natural Appeal: Maintaining the high level of attraction synonymous with Robin Red, Robin Gold offers a compelling choice for manufacturers aiming to captivate more fish without the red tint.

Embrace the Gold Standard:Robin Gold is not just another ingredient; it's a testament to innovation and sustainability in bait manufacturing. By choosing Robin Gold, you're not only opting for an attractive bait solution but also embracing an ingredient that aligns with the growing demand for natural and environmentally conscious products in the UK and EU markets.

See the Difference with Robin Gold: Don't just take our word for it. Visit to explore the remarkable benefits of Robin Gold and discover how it can transform your bait lineup. See firsthand the golden hue that could become your brand's signature appeal.

Secure Your Competitive Edge: With Robin Gold, you're not just keeping pace; you're setting the pace. Embrace the opportunity to differentiate your products with a colour and attraction profile that sets you apart in the competitive bait market.


Robin Gold® is a Haith's Registered Trademark