Increase Your Profits with Our Robin Red® Liquids

Looking for a straightforward way to improve your bait products and save time in production? Haith's Liquid Robin Red range is here to help your business grow.

Why Robin Red® Liquids?

Our Liquid Robin Red is a smart pick for bait makers. It's ready to use, saving you the trouble of making your own liquids. This means you can spend less time on production and more on what matters - selling quality products and making profits.

Benefits for Your Business:

Better Profit Margins: Buy direct from Haith's at trade prices and enjoy higher profits without the extra work.

Easy to Use: Add our liquids to various bait types effortlessly, making them more appealing with little extra work.

Customise Your Baits: Adjust your baits to suit different fishing conditions, giving you a unique edge in the market.

Trusted Quality: Every batch from Haith's meets high-quality standards, ensuring your products perform well, building your customers' trust.

Special Trade Prices:
We're offering special prices on our Liquid Robin Red range. This includes favourites like Robin Red with Garlic and Robin Red with Chilli.

From £99.00 for 19.67 litres

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Take this chance to add something special to your product line.

Check out our products at and see why Robin Red® Liquids are the go-to choice for top bait makers.

Save time, buy online - or contact Gemma Saunders, UK & EU Sales Growth Manager - Haith's, for more details and a quote