One of the Best-Kept Secret Ingredients is... Spanish Pepper RRR.

One of the Best-Kept Secret Ingredients is... Spanish Pepper RRR.

Have you heard about one of the unsung heroes of the Haith's Baits fishing range – the Spanish Pepper RRR. It's been a game-changer for bait ingredients and been the secret ingredient of many top-level baits throughout Europe. It offers something unique to Robin Red and its tones are unmistakable.

Why Spanish Pepper RRR?

Unparalleled Attractiveness: Our premium blend of sweet peppers from Spain offers a unique attraction that fish find irresistible, enhancing your bait's effectiveness.

Visual and Aromatic Appeal: The rich red hue and sweet aroma significantly boost your bait's visibility and desirability, ensuring you attract more catches.

Versatility: Suitable for up to 20% of your total mix, it's perfect for a wide range of bait recipes targeting various species.


Quality Assurance:

Premium Sourcing: We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest sweet peppers, undergoing stringent quality checks to ensure you receive nothing but the best.

Thank you for considering Haith's as your partner in quality fishing bait ingredients. We're here to support your success with premium products and competitive advantages.


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