Robin Orange boilies.

Peel Back the Profits: Unleash the Zesty Appeal of Robin Orange!

Unlock exclusive B2B savings and spice up your offerings with the natural allure of Robin Orange – where flavour meets profitability.

The all-natural Robin Orange is a sweet and fruity alternative - 100% natural colour food with powerful spicy undertones. This is one of the most attractive colour foods on the market thanks to its natural sweet and peppery make-up.

It produces a light orange hue in the finished bait.

In common with the other Robins in the range, it can be used throughout the year in any type of base mix, be it fishmeal, bird food base mixes, nut, or milk protein-based. Robin Orange has a powerfully sweet and peppery flavour, which will improve the performance of any bait, and it can be used straight from the bag to boost the attraction of cooked seeds, nuts, cereals and pulses.

Furthermore, the spices and plants in the blend will ensure nutritional recognition thanks to the proven attractors incorporated in the mix. Our suggested inclusion rate is between 5-20%, with room for experimentation upwards.

Robin Orange® is a Haith's Registered Trademark.